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Field trips

Instructions for Field Trips

A wide range of field excursions are offered to the registered participants who make also a pre-payment, with 7 pre-meeting and 9 post-meeting excursions. The trips require a minimum of 1–20 participants and can accommodate up to a maximum of 9–60 participants.

Except for field excursions FT1, FT3, FT4, and FT12, all the other excursions will start and end in Toulouse.

Important notes regarding field trips

  • The capacity of field trips is limited and will be filled on a first-come first-served basis. Registrations to the fielt trips must happen with the registration to the conference. The payment will be delayed the time we are sure that the chosen field trip reaches sufficient participants to be opened. We will then request full payment. (A waiting list will possibly be made, and the organizers will inform you if a place becomes available.)
  • Trips may be cancelled if under-subscribed. Before purchasing non-refundable travel tickets, please ask the organizers for confirmation that the trip will actually take place.
  • In some of the hotels used for excursions, single-bed rooms may be few or unavailable. Please specify your preference in the registration form, if asked, as shared double- or triple-bed rooms are always much less expensive.
  • Several weeks prior to the excursion, you will receive information with details of the meeting points, transportation during the trip, phone number and email address of excursion leaders.
  • Proper clothing and usual accessories are needed for the excursions (i.e., mountain boots, hat, raining clothes, backpack, …).
  • Trips will be held in various areas, from the seashore to the mountains, and the participants are advised to check the local weather forecasts.
  • Neither the organizers nor the field excursion leaders can offer insurance covering illness or injury for individuals.


Pre-meeting field trips

FT1 The Eocene marine sedimentation in the Southern Pyrenean Basin: a basin-slope-platform transect

Leaders. Roi Da Silva-Casal (University of Zaragoza, ESP), Aitor Payros (University of the Basque Country, ESP), Naroa Martínez-Bracera (University of the Basque Country, ESP) and Marcos Aurell (University of Zaragoza, ESP)

Duration. 3 days (Oct. 7-9, 2017)

Number of participants. min 20, max 30

FT2 Seismic-scale fluid migration features in a passive margin setting. Outcrop analogues from the Mesozoic SE France Basin


FT3 The Bay of Mont Saint Michel. Facies, Morphodynamics and Holocene evolution of a hypertidal coastal environment

Leaders. Bernadette Tessier (CNRS, University of Caen Normandie, FRA), Pierre Weill (University of Caen Normandie, FRA), Jérôme Fournier (MNHN, FRA), Bruno Caline (TOTAL, FRA), Isabelle Billeaud (TOTAL, FRA)

Duration. 2 days (Oct. 8-9, 2017)

Number of participants. min 10, max 20

FT4 Estuarine, coastal marine facies and geobodies architecture in the Gironde estuary and the Atlantic coast (SW France)

Leaders. Hugues Féniès (Ensegid-Bordeaux INP, FRA), Raphaël Bourillot (Ensegid-Bordeaux INP, FRA), Maxime Virolle (University Paris Saclay, FRA)

Duration. 2 days (Oct. 7-8, 2017)

Number of participants. max 9

FT5 Foreland basin evolution in the Southern Pyrenees, Aragon, Spain


FT6 Depositional controls on Marine Source rocks: impact in Conventional and Unconventional Petroleum Systems (Lower Jurassic of the Cantabrian Region, North Spain)


FT7 Geological walk in Toulouse

Leaders. Frédéric Christophoul (University of Toulouse III - GET, FRA), Stéphane Bonnet (University of Toulouse III - GET, FRA), Michel de Saint Blanquat (CNRS - GET, FRA), Vincent Regard (University of Toulouse III - GET, FRA)

Duration. 3-4h.

Number of participants. min 1, max 60 (groups of 15)


Post-meeting field trips

FT8 Lacustrine carbonate-evaporite series in rift basin: Facies, architectures, controls on sedimentation and tectonic evolution


FT9 The Pyrenees: from the Cretaceous inner trough to the alpine foreland basins. The tecto-sedimentary evolution of the orogen presented along 2 sections crossing the central part of the belt


FT10 Geology and Bordeaux Wines


FT11 From syn-rift to sag, Eocene-Oligocene tectono-stratigraphy of the Southern Upper Rhine Graben (URG, France, Germany, Switzerland). An analog for multisegmented intra-continental rift basins.


FT12 Ilerdian sedimentation through the Carcassonne Gulf (Corbières, France)

Leader. Marc de Rafélis (University of Toulouse III - GET, FRA)

Duration. 1 day (Oct. 13, 2017)

Number of participants. min 6, max 16

FT13 Architecture and evolution of a syntectonic river-dominated delta: the Middle Eocene Sobrarbe deltaic complex (South-Pyrenean Foreland Basin, Aragon, Spain)

Leaders. Nicolas Grasseau (Ensegid-Bordeaux INP, FRA), Philippe Razin (Ensegid-Bordeaux INP, FRA), Miguel Lopez-Blanco, (University of Barcelona, ESP), Francis Odonne (University of Toulouse III - GET, FRA)

Duration. 3 days (Oct. 13-15, 2017)

Number of participants. min 8, max 24

FT14 Quaternary terraces along the Ariège and Garonne Rivers south of Toulouse


FT15 Pre to synorogenic tectonics-sedimentation relationships in the eastern north-Pyrenean foreland


FT16 Soil terroir and wine in the Gaillac appellation, SE France


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