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Invited Speakers

Invited speakers - Plenary lectures

Invited Speakers have been asked to present a plenary lecture on a general topic represented in the sessions of the congress.


Rachel Wood

Rachel Wood Professor of Carbonate Geoscience
School of GeoSciences,
University of Edinburgh,
Kings Buildings,
James Hutton Road,
Edinburgh EH9 3FE., U.K.
Rachel Wood has particularly interests in the evolution of carbonate systems through time, in response to biological evolution, mass extinction, and changing sea water chemistry. Her current research focuses on the rise of biomineralisation during the Ediacaran/Cambrian transition and the modelling of carbonate diagenesis.

Ronald J Steel

Ron Steel Davis Centennial Chair and
Professor in clastic sedimentology

Department of Geological Sciences,
University of Texas at Austin,
1 University Station C1100,
Austin, TX 78712, U.S.A.
The main focus of my research over the last 15 years or so, has been to gain an understanding of the time scales, clastic sediment delivery mechanisms, sediment budget partitioning and growth styles of shelves and deepwater shelf margins. I am also engaged in understanding relationships between sea-level change and tides, and in particular in developing models of tidal dunes and bars on deltas, estuaries and shelves.

Paul Wignall

Paul Wignall Professor of Palaeoenvironment
School of Earth and Environment,
University of Leeds
Paul Wignall has a long standing interest in mass extinctions, the environmental changes associated with them and the large igneous provinces with which they coincide. He has particularly focused on the Permo-Triassic crisis and has visited many boundary sections around the world. Allied to these research interests, Wignall also studies anoxic events and the proxies used for their recognition, and the role of high temperatures in ancient crises.

Invited speakers - Sessions

Convenors might choose to organize a keynote to highlight their session.

Special Session CB1.2 Continental carbonates: controls on facies types and depositional architecture

The Pre-Salt alkaline lakes: a game-changing opportunity in sedimentology?

Speaker. Ramón Mercedes-Martín (University of Hull, BGR)

Date. coming soon

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